2015 in Review

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2015 In Review – Noise Profile Raised!

Firstly a Happy New Year to All!

Dakat has witnessed much change in the Noise World in 2015 and it’s fair to say that the profile of npoise has been raised. I’d like to highlight a couple of the major things that have bedded in during the year.

Firstly the ‘new’ BS4142 (Methods for rating and assessing industrial and commercial sound) has started to take effect For more information on the changes from the old standard see here

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The main difference for Dakat is an increased dialogue with Environmental Health Officers as the new standard is more subjective and thus there is more to discuss and agree with the EHO as any project proceeds.


Dakat has also noticed a larger number of enquiries for noise surveys that require planning permission which in turn may call upon BS 8233:2014 Guidance on sound insulation and noise reduction for buildings and BS4142 – evidence that construction is on the up or at least it is from where Dakat sits!

Secondly the the UK is apparently experiencing less cases of Noise Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL) with claims being less than half the level of ten years ago, for more information see here
However Dakat is concerned that many sectors seem not to take NIHL seriously and in particular the entertainment sector seems to be lagging behind the rest when it comes to getting to grips with this particular problem. If you know of anybody that needs help here then more information can be found here 


And Finally Let’s Hope 2016 Is A Prosperous Year For All Of Us!




















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