Can You Afford To Ignore Noise At Work?

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Since 2001 there has been an increase in the number of noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL) claims and recently this increase has accelerated to a yet higher rate!
Indeed it is reported that 80,000 new claims notifications for NIHL were estimated to have been made in the UK in 2014. However some commentators believe that this figure has been under estimated.
Do you know the cost to your business if it was served with a claim for NIHL?
Well each case is different and the amount of compensation awarded to an existing or ex-employee depends on the severity of the hearing damage. As a guide to the possible compensation levels see the following list:

• Total deafness: £50,000 up to £60,000
• Deafness in one ear: £17,500 up to £25,000
• For severe hearing loss or tinnitus: £16,000 and £25,000
• Moderate hearing loss or tinnitus: £8,000 and £16,000
• Mild hearing loss and tinnitus: £4,000 and £8,000

Of course there are also the administration charges to be incurred by the company, not mentioning the bad publicity and loss of reputation surrounding any court case being featured in local, national and professional press. Dealing with a court case may also divert human resources, and lead to loss of business revenue and potential disruption in business continuity.
So can you afford to ignore Noise at Work?!

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