Data Logging Integrating Sound Level Meter

Data Logging Integrating Sound Level Meter with Octave Band Filters and 1/3 Octave Band Filters – Type1

quantifier-95The WK2 provides the solution for more demanding outdoor noise measurement and monitoring applications. The WK2 consists of a weatherproof carrying case for the Quantifier 95,plus a power supply and accessories which is linked via a heavy duty 10 metre cable to a full outdoor microphone system.

The full outdoor microphone system consists of an integral tripod and microphone assembly which hermetically seals the pre-amplifier and associated circuitry. This is to prevent humidity affecting the circuitry and introducing impedance and therefore measurement errors, so the WK2 systems will work in conditions of up to 99% humidity to full performance.

The microphone wind-shield / bird spike assembly employs the same weatherproofing techniques normally used for permanent airport monitors. The adjustable tripod legs of the sealed unit can level the system on any surface. This ‘tripod and microphone’ assembly can be easily transported using its tubular carry case. The WK2 has a hook system at the top of the tripod legs to allow this to be chained down. The hook is on a standard 20mm conduit thread so that all the standard electrical fittings can be utilised to fasten the noise measurement kits in place. For more information click here

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