Heavy Duty Outdoor Measurement Kit including Quantifier 95 Meter

quantifier-95-outdoor-kitThe Quantifier 95 meter is perfect for environmental noise surveys and for assessments to BS4142 plus it can also be easily used for sound level monitoring in the workplace.

For environmental noise surveys and sound level monitoring, there is frequently the need to make a large number of repeated 15 minutes measurements; the Quantifier 95has the ability to be programmed to make these measurements by automatically restarting and saving the LAeq, L90, Lmax, and other parameters.

The Quantifier 95 is supplied with the outstanding Pulsar ‘Analyser’ download and analysis reporting software which not only enables the user to produce a variety of informative and professional environmental and noise at work reports, but it also has a special database of hearing protectors that allows the user at the click of a button, to have all the complex calculations done automatically. The user can then select from the database, the hearing protectors of your choice. For more click here 

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