Noise Surveys

Dakat Limited provides specialist noise surveys and hires out a wide range of modern acoustic equipment that is simple to use.

Friendly help is available at all times to equipment renters and to those people who need a solution to their noise problem!

Types of noise surveys and assessment services

Noise at Work Surveys

Detailed investigation of all of the problems associated with workplace noise carried out by experienced specialists able to provide ‘noise maps‘ of your premises.

Industrial Noise Surveys

Your premises need to comply with your planning conditions, so if you are thinking about installing a new extraction system you need to make sure there won’t be a noise impact.

Baseline Noise Surveys

Usually required to accompany a planning application. Most proposed development or plant installations now require acoustic reports by local authorities.

Entertainment Noise Surveys

If you are planning a festival, religious or community function or proposing to build an entertainment premises you will need to minimise noise impact on the local environment.

New Residential Developments

Is your development close to a source of noise – transport, industrial or entertainment venues? Our Noise surveys and assessments together with detailed analysis will support your planning application.

Clay Pigeon Noise

If you are providing clay pigeon shooting you should ensure the noise level from the shooting doesn’t cause a nuisance to local residents which could lead to a noise complaint.

Monitoring of Noise at Concerts

If you are planning a concert you should take into consideration whether the noise level will impact local residents. We are able to measure baseline prior to concert and assess the noise impact.

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