New Residential Developments

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Residential noise planning assessments are controlled by The National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF).

The NPPF was published in March 2012 and it replaces the previous Planning Policy Guidance documents, including the Planning Policy Guidance PPG 24 “Planning and noise”.

Essentially the NPPF allows Local Authorities to produce local and neighbourhood plans, which are related to their own communities. However many Local Authorities still refer to PPG24 and thus an assessment in accordance with it may still be accepted in support of a planning application..

Dakat can help with the assessment of sites for new residential developments including assessments of the sound insulation of the building façades in accordance with BS8233:1999 and BS EN ISO 12354-3:2000. Recommendations, where relevant ,with regard to the upgrading of sound insulation will be included in the resulting report.

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