Baseline Noise Surveys

Measure your development's impact on the surrounding area

Whether you are planning to install an air conditioning unit or are about to commence a major civil engineering contract, having a Baseline Noise Survey carried out will help you determine whether any anticipated elevated noise levels will have an impact on nearby residential dwellings.

Sources of such noise could range from railways, road traffic, aircraft or from industrial plant. Baseline Noise Surveys are carried out to quantify the existing ambient noise levels at the nearest Noise Control Stations (NCSs) and quantify noise sources that impact on the site

Dakat Limited has the expertise and equipment to carry out Baseline Noise Surveys which typically would include a combination of short term attended measurements and long term unattended measurements.

Working alongside your organisation Dakat Limited can advise you with regard any remedial nose measures and can liaise with external bodies such as Local Authorities.

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